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Ban on media coverage at Assembly lifted amidst protests

Goa State Legislative Assembly Speaker Rajendra Arlekar today lifted the partial ban imposed in media covering the ongoing session, after protests from local journalist unions.

The Speaker had banned still photographers from clicking the pictures of the session except for the Question Hour, which lasts for initial one hour. The ‘live’ coverage provided to the local cable network channels was also channelised through the system installed by the legislature department.

Arlekar this morning told the delegation of journalists that all the restrictions would be lifted from today onwards. The photographers will now be allowed to cover the entire session. Goa Union Journalist led by its president Pandurang Gaonkar had met the Speaker in the morning along with the representatives of Photo Journalist Association, Goa and Electronic Media Journalist Association of Goa. “We welcome the gesture of the Speaker to lift the ban.

Fourth estate is very important in informing the general public about what our elected representatives are doing on the floor of the House. We will always be opposing any attempt to restrict the freedom of press,” Gaonkar said.

“This will allow us to work with full zest and freedom,” Rajtilak Naik, member of press advisory committee of Goa Legislative Assembly said, adding that cameramen have always been working from the side galleries without disturbing the proceedings of the House. “Whenever there are any decisions to be made in public interest, we always coordinate with the Speaker before publishing the visual element clicked during the session,” he said.


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