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Ban on sale of alcohol at North Goa border village Surla


Goa Government has banned sale of alcohol in Surla, a border village in the state, for 30 days, in order to curb the menace and nuisance caused by tourists.

The order was issued by North Goa Collector Levinson Martins under section 29(A) of the Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964 and the Goa Excise rules.

As per the order, dozens of odd liquor bars, restaurants serving liquor, liquor shops, pubs, provision stores etc in the village located on Goa-Karnataka border will have to be be shut down.

“Particularly to ensure total protection to the vulnerable inhabitants of the village, i.e. children and women who are presently living under possible threat of being targetted by the unruly behaviour of drunken youth tourists visiting the village,” the order stated.

Surla village has a population of only 500 residents but it is visited by tourists mostly from the neighbouring state of Karnataka to enjoy the beauty of Western Ghats, which has many waterfalls, as well as to buy liquor which is available at cheaper rates than the southern state.

The orders is aimed at curbing ‘nuisance’ created by the tourists. In recent years, there have been several instances of people drowning or getting engaged in brawls while being in inebriated condition.

Recently some residents of the village had sent a resolution to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar mentioning fallouts of alcohol abuse by the tourists in the village.


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