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Ban PFI – Who will face the Music?

There is an entire lobby who is preacher of Free Speech and fights for human rights and try to conquer others in the name of Free Speech and Practice of one’s religion. But think once if these so-called advocates of freedom, really seeking freedom or are they themselves are the most mendacious supporter of freedom? Let us go quiet briefly, around 5 years ago anyone barely from North Indian states were aware of organisation named PFI that is Popular Front of India.


PFI is allegedly considered as a minority centric organisation active in different parts of country mostly in Kerala. But there are some negative achievements achieved by PFI like, in 2012 the Kerala government had filed an affidavit in Kerala High Court accusing that it is involved in 27 murders in states. Similarly, in 2014 Kerala government registered a complaint against PFI been involved in 86 heinous crimes like murders and anti-national activities. The Central agencies investigated links between PFI and Pakistani spy agency ISI.


Agencies also claimed link between Islamic preacher Zakir Naik and PFI due to exposure of hate speeches of Naik. Agencies in their investigation claimed link between PFI and terror organisation ISIS because some Kerala based Muslims were found in connection with ISIS having PFI literature with them. By December 2019 many evidence and investigations had been collected and forced states like Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala etc to demand a ban on PFI by Home Ministry. But till now there is no ban or coercive actions taken by Home Ministry. Numerous times numerous evidences had been produced before government of India till now. Links of PFI with certain Gulf based extremists, Pakistani ISI, terror organisation ISIS, Kashmiri extremists, this much evidence are enough to ban PFI in India which has its headquarters in national capital Delhi.

Still PFI leaders are free enough to roam across the country and create chaos in the name of protests in the country. Anti-CAA protests in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh were planned by PFI and executed. The social media inspired burning of 3 police stations in Bengaluru in 2020 were organised by PFI members. Recent plan of caste-based riots in Hathras of Uttar Pradesh was also planned and executed by PFI members. The big and most important question rises here is Why doesn’t Indian government is banning this PFI after having enough of evidence against it? There are numerous cases where PFI is found kingpin in creating ruckus in country.


If it is about anti-CAA agitation in Delhi, PFI is blamed. If it is about creating ruckus among JNU students against ABVP PFI was found black sheep. From 2020 massive Delhi riots to recent Hathras casteism based riots load of organising riots is laid on PFI members. For successive state governments PFI is a convenient culprit. As North Indian public is not much aware about activities of PFI, its narrative is easily created of derailing the developmental agenda of government. But somewhere or the other government of India is ignoring this alarming situation. But now it is very much important to ban this terror producing organisation working in name of human rights. And in doing so does it really matters that certain so-called liberals would draw a communal angle in this decision.

Even though this free-thinking liberal group is least worried with involvement of PFI in different anti-national and anarchist activities. Government should ban operations of PFI and its political wing SDP effectively and rapidly in India and should protect our nation from getting damage every year with useless and unwanted ruckus and riots.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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