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Bandipur National Park Safari reopened

Chamarajanagara, Karnataka, Mar 2 (GCCurrentAffairs) The famous Bandipur National Park Safari which was suspended on February 23 following massive forest fire that destroyed over 8000 acres of forest was reopened on Friday.

According to a release issued by the new Bandipur Tiger Reserve Director T Balachandra tourists flow was normal. Tigers and leopards were also sighted by the people besides common spotted deer, bison, gaur and other animals.

The fire is completely doused across the reserve and the situation is returning to normal.

Mr Balachandra, who held a meeting with the forest staff instructed them to work for the conservation of the forest as summer would continue for 70 days more.

Stating that though 35 summer days have passed and 70 more days is yet to go, he said that the forest staff would be keeping a hawk eye over the forest day and night to thwart any incidents of fire and added that the co-operation of the public and residents of villages in forest borders was needed to safeguard forests.

Via UNI-India

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