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Bangladesh 50th Independence with PM Modi

The visit of Indian prime minister to Bangladesh had created a huge chaos among the people over there. He was on a tour for Golden Jubilee celebration of 50th Independence of Bangladesh as well as the birth centenary of the country’s founder and father of the nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It seems that the visit was viewed upon like a fly in the ointment, leading to protests at Chittagong.


The Islamist group from Hefazat-e-Bangladesh was opposed by the visit as it was considered that diversity prevails because of certain religion differences and their agendas are also responsible for segregation and contretemps.


The welcome was not that good, and protests could be seen with altercation over opinions. People were throwing stones and rocks and the gesture of waving footwear showed disrespect towards him. About four people were killed in this protest at Chittagong. Police were also forced to fire rubber bullets and teargas to stop further vehemence of the protesters.


The trip also highlighted the renovation of temples for the 50th Independence Day of Bangladesh. The distance was around 300 kilometres from Dhaka to Shaktira Jeshoreshwari temple. He also went to Tungipara which is the mausoleum complex of Bangabandhu and planted a sapling. Later he was welcomed with “Dhaak, Shankh, Ulu” with local rituals at Matua temple. This could bring an influence towards elections as history says regarding migration of the Matuas between 1947 and 1941. Along with meeting certain eminent members.


PM also focused on building strong relations with the country by helping them with certain gifts like Covid-19 vaccine and giving an opportunity to Bangladesh entrepreneurs for start-up in India. The paying of heartfelt tribute to the martyrs of Bangladesh and helping the country to celebrate as well as innovate great notions, this really could be impactful for the public.


With context to the Indian Prime Minister’s tweet, a positive bond with Bangladesh, following India’s First Policy of Neighbourhood could be seen where it is stated that leadership of Sheikh Hasina is approved well. Moreover, the bond between the two countries should be made cavernous and aim towards development and progress.


The visit of Modi was viewed upon with fresh perspective also. After all, India had helped Bangladesh achieve its independence from Pakistan in 1971 so why the visit of its prime minister is leading to trivial protests? This was also stated by the Bangladesh Foreign Affairs minister AK Abdul Momen that welcoming Modi should be a natural thing. According to him, a small protest by a few people cannot make us jump to a particular conclusion.


On the other hand, some people were not happy about this visit. The professor of International relations at Dhaka University, Imtiaz Ahmed could not agree more. As it was also the birth centenary of Sheikh Rahman, so it was believed that this visit should not be accepted. The differences regarding the various agendas and thoughts of certain bigots are also taken into consideration.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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