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Bangladesh ruling govt is worse than Pak dispensation: Mirza Abbas

Dhaka: Mirza Abbas, one of the leaders of Bangladesh’s main opposition BNP, on Wednesday termed the ruling Awami League more ‘dangerous than Pakistan government’.

In an interview with UNI , Mr Abbas said that in 1971 Pakistan had tortured the people of his country and committed genocide but the ruling party of Bangladesh Awami League has also accepted the cruelty of Pakistanis. No civilized country in the world can do this in the way it has cracked down on the opposition leaders and workers by killing democracy. So far, Pakistan has not apologized for their actions. Similarly, the Awami League has not apologized to the people of Bangladesh for their actions.

“India is our tried and tested friend,” he said. Had the country not stood by us in 1971, we would not have achieved independence,’ the BNP leader said.

He said BNP has been pursuing friendly relations with all countries of the world till now. Former President Ziaur Rahman, the founder of the party, introduced this policy for Bangladesh. He formed SAARC from this realization. SAARC is currently ineffective due to Pakistan.

BNP leader and three-time successful Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia is currently very ill. Mirza Abbas strongly condemned the Awami League government for not allowing him to go abroad for medical treatment.

Regarding the BNP’s failure to participate in elections in the past, Mirza Abbas said, “Elections under a dictatorial government never bring good results.” If you follow all the elections held under Awami League, you will be able to realize. So I think the BNP did not make any mistake by not going to the polls but would have made a mistake by holding the polls. Because, ruling Awami League did not come to power with any mandate of the people.

Asked about the intensification of party quarrels within the BNP, Mirza Abbas said, “There is no quarrel within the party but the party is moving forward in a more accountable and constructive manner than in the past.”

Asked whether the BNP had emerged from the fact that pro-Pakistan and anti-independence Jamaat and fundamentalists had found a place in the party in the past, Mirza said the BNP had always rejected the fundamentalists. If Jamaat is a fundamentalist, then isn’t the BJP in India a fundamentalist? The people of India have not rejected them but have brought the BJP to power with a huge majority and Narendra Modi’s party BJP will come to power in the future as well. And I think Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a wise and active leader of India. BNP has been liking and following him. So BNP is always against fundamentalism.

Regarding the Teesta deal, Mirza Abbas said it was not because of Mamata. India has always wanted to implement the agreement.

He said China’s relations with Bangladesh are very good. I would like to thank the team for giving 5 lakh doses of corona vaccine to China on Wednesday, May 12.

Mr Abbas said the BNP will come to power in the future with the cooperation of India and the mandate of the people of Bangladesh if the government involves the people in the elections.


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