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Banks Using Social Networking Sites For Recovery

Banks are now using social networking sites to trace defaulters particularly those who change their residence and even resort to harassing the defaulters friends and relatives as was revealed by the harrowing experience of Dharmanath Fatarpekar, a Goan working in Pune.
Dharmanath had accepted a friend request on the social network site Facebook from a distant relative working in Mumbai and that is when his ordeal started forcing him to lodge a complaint with the police.

Since last week Dharmanath started getting calls from a private bank demanding the whereabouts of his distant relative claiming that he was a defaulter. The calls that came practically every half an hour even threatened Dharmanath that the outstanding loan amount of Rs. 2 lakhs would be recovered from him.
The situation came to a boil when one female claiming to be LIC agent asked for his relative’s contact number and when it was refused, the girl threatened saying that she knew all details about Dharmanath including his son’s name.
Shaken up by this and fearing that something may be done to his son, Dharmanath approached the police who initially asked him to provide his relative’s contact number to the bank officials. However, once the police were convinced that he did not really have it, they in turn ticked off the bank officials and warned them that a case would be registered against them if they harass Dharmanath in future.
What came to fore was the fact that all details including the son’s name were got by the bank from Dharmanath’s Facebook profile prompting him to delete all his personal details from the profile.
Apparently, banks employ females to befriend defaulters, specially male and after luring them for a date the male recovery agents nab the defaulter.


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