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Banwarilal Purohit bids adieu to TN, new Governor to assume office in coming days

Chennai: Tamil Nadu and Punjab Governor and Administrator of Union Territory of Chandigarh Banwarilal Purohit today bid adieu to Tamil Nadu after serving a four year term.

His successor RN Ravi, who was transferred from Nagaland, is expected to assume office in the coming days.

In his farewell message to the benign people of Tamil Nadu, Mr Purohit said “my mind is filled with a sense of gratitude to the State of Tamil Nadu where I found unmitigated love and appreciation from the people in general,
the bureaucracy, the academia, and most importantly the political community across a wide spectrum.”

“Yes, there were many issues that tested everybody’s patience and perseverance as well as sense of commitment and goodwill, but the end result was always positive for all sections”, he said, adding, there were points at which different sections stood on the opposite sides of the divide.

He said the State also saw major electoral battles for the Lok Sabha elections and then for the Legislative Assembly elections. Despite all that political acrimony, he found the State and its people very warm
and welcoming.

‘As custodian of the Constitution in the State’s context, I took certain positions as per the word of the statute. But I am very happy to place on record that the people of all walks of life — from the streets of Tamil Nadu to the haloed chambers of politics — understood the correct position and lent their support to my decisions in whatever manner’, he said.

“All this goes as a permanent reference in my memory-file, bathed in gratitude, he added.

Mr Purohit said as Chancellor of the State’s Government Universities, he took certain decisions in the larger interest of consolidating the system of higher learning, and received full cooperation from all quarters without exception.

He said his stint as Governor of Tamil Nadu gave him an opportunity to know the rich cultural, religious and historical traditions of the State.

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