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BBSM Demands Babush’s Resignation

Education Minister Babush Monserrate who is feeling the heat in the Assembly with the Opposition demanding his dismissal as a minister has to face another battle with the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Mandal (BBSM) demanding his resignation.
The over 10,000 crowd gathered at Azad Maidan on Wednesday evening unanimously resolved that Babush Monserrate should resign as Education Minister for attending a rally organized by FORCE last month where his own department’s grants-in-aid scheme was criticized.

Speakers argued that by attending the meeting, the Education Minister had sent a wrong signal and therefore had no right to continue as a minister of the very department that was criticized in his presence at a public platform.
The BBSM demanded that the government should stop recognizing any more English medium primary schools in the State and further demanded that those already recognized should teach at least two subjects in any either Konkani or Marathi or any other regional language.
Besides, the rally also demanded that pre-primary and play schools in English medium be banned and the grants-in-aid to primary schools in regional language be adopted as a permanent feature.
BBSM convenor Shashikala Kakodkar while assuring that the organization will be a permanent platform to protect and promote Indian languages asserted that the movement for protection of regional language will in no way cause any communal disharmony in the State and pointed out that religious leaders of the Catholic community are a part of the movement.
Fr. Mousinho de Ataide who also addressed the gathering urged the people to remain united to protect not only the local language but also the culture.
Freedom Fighter Naguesh Karmali lamented that the democratic government in Goa has achieved greater success than the Portuguese in “denationalisin” Goans by promoting English.
Others who addressed the gathering were Pundalik Naik, Subhash Veliengakar, Anil Samant, Arvind Bhatikar, Pandurang Nadkarni, Bhiku Pai Angle, Prashant Naik, Narendra Asgaonkar, N Shivdas, and Uday Bhembre.

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