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Be a Bhakt for India not a Kambhakt

I found it amusing when a senior respected lawyer from the Christian community in Goa on my Facebook post announcing that I would soon be doing a national TV show opined, ‘I hope it will not be a Bhakt channel’.

This senior lawyer who is also a part-time politician, reportedly only wakes up during election time to offer tickets from his defunct political party to some of the most corrupt politicians in Goa, some even accused of rape and murder. So when he advises me in condescension that it should not be a ‘Bhakt’ channel, I am rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

Of course, I am going to run my show with full ‘Bhakti’ because I am a ‘Bhakt’.

People should not have a doubt about the fact that I am a Bhakt.

I am a ‘Bhakt’ of India. My care about political parties, political leaders, religious institutions, or religious leaders is very little compared to my love and care for my nation and its people. To me, it is always is and always will be India First.

This ‘Bhakti’ for my nation has come after a lot of soul searching and understanding of my Dharma in society. I was not born a ‘Bhakt’.

Having lived abroad, I grew up hating India much to the dismay of my parents. I never ever wanted to come back to India. I always wanted to live abroad. Until something stirred in me 21 years ago and I came back to India. I believe the prayers of my grandfather were answered. He would always tell me, “You may think you are a foreigner but one day Mother India will call for you and you will come back for her and give her your best.”

Bhakti for India should not be because of a political leader or a political party, a religious leader, or a religious congregation. If you are ‘Bhakt’ for India it has to be because you love India above all.

I came to being a ‘Bhakt’ after I realized that my true identity and my roots are with my Indic culture.

I came to being a ‘Bhakt’ after I realized that my motherland was under threat from people within our nation and from foreign enemies.

As a son of Bharat Mata, it is incumbent on me to fulfill my duty as a son. This is my Dharma and my Karma too.

Terming people like Bhakts to display condescension or to mock is childish and downright absurd because being a ‘Bhakt’ simply means to be devoted to something, someone, some cause some God, or some nation.

People using the word ‘Bhakt’ in a derogatory manner are actually illiterate imbeciles. They use it deliberately to mock the Hindu culture of devotion.

Bhakti in our Hindu culture is a powerful energy that merges a Bhakt to its ‘Bhakti’. It is the source of power, dedication, and commitment.

I think people who make fun of the word ‘Bhakt’ and use it stupidly, to denote political sycophancy instead of understanding that to most Indians it means putting India first, are actually Kambhakts.

If you cannot be devoted to your nation from where your cultural identity comes and become slaves to political or foreign religious ideologies then in my blunt opinion you are a ‘Kambhakt’.

It is my belief that you do not need to like the politicians that govern you. But in your dislike for certain governments or political leaders, you cannot disrobe your motherland and you cannot stir hatred and fear. That is what Kambhats do, not Bhakts.

A true Bhakt will always protect one’s nation and one’s people devoid of caste or creed. It is a Kambhakt that sows seeds of confusion, fear, and communal discord.

By calling people like me a Bhakt, you only display your Kambhakt attitude. You do not see the nation first but the dictates of your political or religious masters. Open your eyes to see our nation for its true beauty. There is so much good and we must work together to make our nation even better.

Be a ‘Bhakt’ for India. I am a Bhakt. And I wear this tag with pride. Are you a Kambhakt?

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief


  1. A marvelous takedown of the traitors who do not shy away from belittling or mocking their own motherland. They go to any length of being detrimental to the interests of the nation, i.e., Bharat in their visceral hatred for an elected political leader or a political party. Keep posting such illuminating and eye-opening articles. Really appreciate your love for the motherland and your commitment to Indic values.

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