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Be alert against causes of communal tension: Goa Archbishop

Archbishop patriarch Felipe Neri Ferrao on Monday stressed the need to be on the alert against causes of communal tension in Goa and assured the church’s support to initiatives for promoting the integral development of people and protection of the environment.

Delivering his Christmas message to an audience comprising Goa chief minister Manohar Parrikar, deputy chief minister Francis D’Souza, ministers, MLAs, MPs, bureaucrats, businessmen and citizens, Ferrao also called for unity because “only when we all join hands with one another and together work for the genuine development of our people and of our land that we shall be able to conquer the demons of selfishness and greed and help liberate our people from all types of shackles that bind them, so that they may enjoy a better quality of life on this earth,” Ferrao said.

Reminding that Goa has experienced communal tension in the past, he stressed the need to be continuously on the alert against anything that can cause communal hatred, which usually is politically motivated, adding that it “strikes at the very root of our integrity as a people and a nation.”

Ferrao spoke of the ongoing work of the Church for upliftment of the downtrodden, in the fields of education, health care or socio-economic development. He also assured the government authorities that they can “count on the sincere and responsible collaboration of the Church in Goa in any initiatives taken to sincerely promote the integral development of human persons and communities, of course, within acceptable standards and safeguarding ethical principles.”

The archbishop said the collaboration would extend also to the conservation and the responsible use of our God-given earth. “The created world is holy and it has been entrusted to our stewardship to be used in ways that will bring glory and honour to the all-holy creator.”

Ferrao hoped that “our citizens and also people in governance would treat mother earth with the respect that she deserves and not exploit her as an object for the economic gain of a few.

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