Being a father to a daughter…


I still so fondly remember two dates and the precise time when my two lovely daughters were born.

I feel a sense of surreal, reminiscing about that first look into those innocent eyes of theirs as they came into this beautiful world of ours.

I have had many women influences in my life and at different stages – mother, sister, girlfriend, best friend, teacher and wife – each relationship unique and significant. Nothing though, compares to the relationship a man would have with his daughter.

I often feel and also believe that I truly became a mature man and a true lover of the nature of a woman when I donned the garb of a father.

It is common held perception that a man and woman are opposites and therefore there will always be differences; to a large extent that perception is true. However, when a man is a father to a daughter, he sheds that overbearing male ego towards a woman and sees the child’s true beauty.They are no longer opposites but one.

It will never matter to a father, if his daughter throws even the most irritating of tantrums, calls him ten times in a day on the phone for every reason, demands almost the moon, makes him run up and down the stairs to bring her toys, leave work early to take her to the movies, walk-out of business meeting just to be on time to cut her birthday cake. I can and many fathers can share endless list of how a little tear drop of our daughters could drive us to do the impossible.

I have learned to appreciate the sensitivity of a woman more after becoming a father to my lovely daughters.

I believe that women are the more superior of the species when compared to us men. Their strength is in their enormous capacity to love unconditionally.

The love of daughter for a father is one of the unconditional love a human can experience. The innocence of the love and the devotion that both a daughter can have for her father and father for a daughter is divine.

Daughters teach you that woman are life’s beautiful flowers in the garden of life. You need to water then with love, kindness and self-respect in order for them to bloom and spread their beauty. And if you do you see that in your garden of life there are beautiful flowers that are captivating and soul-stirring to you and everyone around.

Daughters teach you that every man needs to respect and protect a woman from the vagaries and evils of this world. If you reach out your arms to protect them, a woman will reach out her arms to comfort and love you.

I believe the future of this world and its betterment lies in the hands of women, to bring about a cataclysmic change bereft of ego. The world needs a touch a woman on all matters political and social.

I tell my daughters that your father is the shoulder you must climb on to reach to parapet of the wall of life. Live your life, free of fear and full of self-belief because the world of tomorrow will be the world of women.

I am thankful to the Almighty for my daughters because in them I see the true power of what a woman can do for the betterment of the world and of men.

I have changed from being a man to a father of a daughter.

Stay positive!


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief

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