BEL receives Export Order valued about USD 33 Mn from Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd

Bengaluru, Feb 25 (GCBusiness) Public Sector Defence major Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) has received export orders valued about USD 33 Million from Elbit Systems Electro-Optics Elop Ltd (Alaof), a subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd, Israel, during recently concluded Aero India 2019, for manufacture and supply of State-of-the-art next generation EOIR payloads (CoMPASS Rev III, Trade Mark of ELOP) and another variant of EOIR payload (CoMPASS III, Trade Mark of ELOP) for Airborne applications.

Mr B Machilis, President & CEO, Elbit Systems Ltd, handed over documents of the Export Order for BEL from ELOP on February 21 to BEL Chairman and Managing Director M V Gowtama, in the presence of BEL Director (Marketing) Anandi Ramalingam and others.

BEL has already entered into Technical Collaboration Agreement (Tchha) with ELOP for Transfer of Technology for manufacture of these EOIR payloads and for providing lifetime maintenance support so Its manufacturing facility at Chennai.

BEL has already established the necessary infrastructure and is supplying the EOIR payloads manufactured at its facilities to domestic and foreign Customers. BEL is augmenting these facilities for meeting the upcoming requirements of variants of EOIR payloads for the domestic and export Markets.

The CoMPASS Rev III is a day-and-night surveillance system that includes a Color TV daylight camera, 3rd Generation Medium Wave IR (MWIR) sensor, Laser target designator and range finder (LTDRF), Short Wave IR (SWIR), internal GPS and automatic tracking capabilities, es well es command and control capabilities. It is distinguished by a wide variety of interfaces, enabling integration with various aircraft / helicopter systems, The fact Es The mission computer, fire control, radar, GPS, Data downlink and Helmet-mounted tracking systems. Its small Dimensions, low weight, high LEVEL OF Stabilization and coverage angles Make it An optimal choice for Long-range, day-and-night surveillance, target tracking, fire control applications and search and rescue.

CoMPASS Rev III is the most advanced version of its Payload family, featuring reduced weight, high degree of modularity and flexibility,

Space-saving packaging and advanced operational and video processing features whereas CoMPASS III is an earlier version of EOIR payload.

With This, BEL is in a position to manufacture and supply the complete range of EOIR payloads meeting the varied requirements of our armed forces and provide lifetime maintenance support to the users. In addition, BEL has also become a Global Supply Chain Partner of ELOP, Israel.

Via UNI-India

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