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Belgaum Blocks Veggies For Goa

In a surprise move, vegetable vendors from Belgaum refused to sell vegetables to Goa State Horticulture Development Corporation on Wednesday evening and all the outlets belonging to the Corporation were devoid of any vegetables on Thursday.
The Horticulture Corporation on an average procures around 120 tones of vegetables from Belgaum which is distributed to its 350 odd outlets in Goa where they are sold at a subsidized rates.
The Horticulture Corporation gets tomatoes, cauliflower, green chilies, beans, cabbage, carrots, gourds, potatoes, lady fingers, etc from Belgaum from only four suppliers who have been approved.

This has caused resentment amongst the other dealers particularly as the Horticulture Corporation’s decision to add 10 fruits for sale in their outlets was deliberately misrepresented to state that they would be adding 10 more vegetables to their list.
However, by Thursday evening the issue was resolved and vegetable supplies from Belgaum are expected to resume by Friday morning.
Meanwhile Horticulture Corporation Chairman Sankalp Amonkar sought to politicize the issue by claiming that the local BJP leadership upset by the fact that the state government’s intervention through the Horticulture Corporation had helped reduce the vegetable prices and increased its popularity with the people, instigated their party MLAs and MP in Belgaum to instigate the vendors there to stop supply to Goa.

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