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Benaulim Constituency Parents Slam Micky

Parents of students studying in schools in Benaulim constituency slammed their MLA Micky Pacheco for not supporting them in their demand of government grants to English medium primary schools. Briefing media persons, the parents led by Maria Moraes said their MLA was not with them.
“Where is he now? Why is he hiding?” she asked while at the same time admitting that Micky does attend public meetings organized by parents demanding English medium. However, she said that he has not supported them at all in their present struggle.
She said the patience of the parents is wearing thin as the government is constantly postponing the date with a final decision will be taken.
“We cannot afford to wait endlessly as it is a matter concerning the future of our children,” she said asserting that the government has to concede their just demand as ultimately it is they who elected the representatives for form the present government.
Unfortunately, the demand for freedom to opt for English medium primary schools made by parents has got politicized more particularly in Benaulim constituency.
Micky Pacheco speaking to media persons a few days ago, accused some of the parents of being stooges of the Congress Party and even questioned the formation of Forum for Right to Children’s Education (FORCE) and more particularly its office bearers.
He had also alleged that politicians had paid for the transport arrangements to take people to Panjim for the rally at Azad Maidan.

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