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Benaulim Sarpanch Refutes Allegations

Benaulim Sarpanch Carmelina Fernandes refuted allegations that she had violated any law or provision of the Panchayat Raj Act and challenged her detractors to prove so.
Further, she clarified that the Gram Sabha had not asked for her or her deputy sarpanch’s ouster as there is no resolution to that effect on record.
“Some disgruntled elements demanded our ouster but it was not endorsed by the Gram Sabha and therefore it is not correct to say that the Gram Sabha demanded our ouster,” she clarified.

The Sarpanch who has been facing a lot of flak from the time she took over, also clarified that she did not attend the last Gram Sabha meeting as she was sick and could not speak.
She lamented that some villagers do not follow the laid down procedures and create a ruckus, due to which, she said some pancha members do not attend the Gram Sabha. “Panchas are not elected to hear abuses from people,” she said.
She pointed out that some villagers insist on asking questions at the Gram Sabha without informing the panchayat in advance about it, which she said is not permitted in the rules. Besides, she regretted that there is never any constructive discussion at the Gram Sabha where solutions are offered to any problem raised.


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