Benefit from the Experience of a World Leader in Industrial Switching: The Spirit of Innovation Combined with Proven Technology

Socomec a world leader in Industrial switching will display array of Photovoltaic switching equipments for Solar Park and Roof top applications at Hall 1, Stall No.1.3, Renewable Energy Expo, Greater Noida between 18th to 20th September 2018. PV applications are one of the most stringent for disconnect switches. Extreme fluctuations in temperature, condensation, dust, UV exposure and oversized connection cables stress the components. Socomec takes the opportunity to bring the awareness among the PV fraternity to switching over from conventional DC switches to PV rated switches to guarantee safe and reliable PV installations. 


Current market scenario

Solar PV market in India has finally come of age. We already have large utility scale solar installations up and running, along with some initial momentum on rooftop installations that have had been on a relatively modest start however, a couple of recent policies by the energy ministry along with industry initiatives have helped galvanize key actionable, resulting in moderately sized office, commercial as well as residential roof top installations. The recent few quarter paces of growth in roof top PV installed capacity along with the successful RESCO model, all portend well for a sustainable growth and exploitation of roof top PV for India. As with any other contemporary domain, in order to fully realize efficient benefits from this naturally occurring and green energy resource, it is a pre-requisite that vital checks and balances are there in place, when it comes to ensuring system reliability and assuring human as well as equipment safety, with all embracing zero tolerance criteria to non-adherence of benchmarked practices.


Consequences of not using PV rated switches

Like with any other sub system involving electrical energy, there is always a preponderance of potential fire hazard and a risk to human safety, more as a countervailing aspect to the widespread prevalence of this ubiquitous energy resource, especially on account of the dangerous levels of DC voltage present, often 800Vdc and sometimes up to 1000Vdc whereas, for AC installation we are typically been exposed to much lower AC operational voltages. There are unique aspects that are inherent to PV system usage, in stark contrast to our expectation from an energy source. For instance, a conventional Electrical switching device is not at all safe to use for PV switching and runs risk of premature failure, on account of dangerous critical currents that manifest only during low load conditions, as are encountered in early morning switching operations with low solar insolation. Besides, the non-PV rated devices are not designed to optimally work under extreme environmental conditions associated with PV, in form of heat, dust, pollution, humidity, etc.


Benefits of PV rated switching devices

To ensure safe, reliable working of Rooftop PV installation, it is highly recommended to use only PV rated isolators, this will ensure high system reliability, more uptime, high operational safety track record, that will fuel more interest in adopting this sustainable energy resource. With a proper selection of switching devices, even O&M agencies will emphasize their focus where it is needed most instead of on mundane aspects.


Socomec cutting-edge technologies

Socomec has a versatile product offer span, from low rating lower DC voltage compact switch for use in small AJB to large ones for String combiner as well as Re combiner box at prevailing 1500Vdc setups, with an enviable product offering encompassing manual as well as motorized versions. Just as an icing on cake, there is the trip variant of PV isolator that works in conjunction with AFD device, offering a strong safeguard in performance perimeter of efficient SPV installation.


Mr. Sushil Virmani, Managing Director, Socomec India stressed that, “Socomec’s hallmark is its ability to constantly innovate and develop cutting-edge technology that not only solves today’s challenges for its industrial customers but also helps them future-proof their energy needs. The non-PV rated electrical switches are not geared for years of un-bridled performance under extreme operating conditions. Their inadvertent usage will simply have a catastrophic effect that has potential to pose an immense hazard to human life and to impart irreparable loss of infrastructure. At the REI Expo 2018, Socomec is displaying its PV rated switching devices and next-generation solutions to international and regional buyers attending from the Asia-pacific region. The three-day long event, aims to make renewable energy resources and their applications more mainstream, and promote thought leadership through an international exhibition and conference platform”.


To know more about Socomec product highlights at REI exhibition:


About Socomec

Founded in 1922, Socomec is an independent, industrial group with a workforce of 3200 people spread over 27 subsidiaries in the world. Our core business – the availability, control and safety of low voltage electrical networks with increased focus on our customers’ power performance.


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