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Bengal Govt decides to extend deadline for austerity measures to March 31 next year

Kolkata: The West Bengal Government has decided to extend the deadline for austerity measures to meet the expenditure for tackling the Covid-19 pandemic from September this year to March 31 next year.

According to the State Secretariat, Nabanna, the austerity measures will be maintained till then.
Earlier, expenditure cuts were reported until September.

Until March 31, the state administration will refrain from additional costs excepting those absolutely necessary.
As per the memorandum issued on April 2, no new schemes have been taken up and prior approval of the Finance department was sought for any urgent public interest programmes.

The government also said, no purchase of vehicles, computers, IT related accessories, furniture, ACs and TVs would be undertaken.

The state Finance department has also imposed restrictions.
At any cost to handle the situation, prior permission of the Finance Department was made mandatory in the case.

There will be no recruitment/engagement of manpower unless approved by the Finance department.

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