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Bengali Girl Raped in Goa

Margao Police have booked a case of rape against a Kolkata resident Ranjit Sarkar for raping a young 19-year-old girl at a city hotel here.

The sordid saga began when the young girl hailing from West Bengal was travelling to Delhi in search of a job. In the train, she met Ranjit Sarkar and they got talking. Ranjit Sarkar persuaded the girl to travel with him to Goa by offering her a job at his factory that he claimed to be having in Goa.

The naïve girl travelled with him to Goa and upon arriving here, he took her to a city hotel in Margao where he raped her.

The medical examination of the victim has confirmed that it was a rape as she had bruise marks on her body.

Ranjit Sarkar is currently in the police lock up as the court has remanded him to seven days police custody.


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