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Betul Naqueri Gram Sabha Rejects Marina, Ind. Estate

Arguing that the government will take over the entire village through land acquisitions, the villagers of Betul Naqueri at its Gram Sabha on Sunday unanimously rejected the government’s plans to set up an industrial estate and a marina in their village.

The villagers pointed out that the government has already acquired 8.83 lakh sq. mts of land for a Food Park and an additional 4.19 lakh sq mts for ancillary services. Given the fact that 10.24 lakh sq mts were earlier acquired for Oil & Natural Gas Commission, they pointed out that the village has already sacrificed a whopping 23.26 lakh sq mts of land and wondered how much more land should they give up.
The villagers have been opposing the Food Park right from day one and accused the government of not considering their sentiments at all. One villager revealed the government plans through documents obtained under the Right to Information Act.
The villagers suggested that the excess land in possession of ONGC may be utilized for the government’s proposals.
They also opposed the proposed marina in their village on grounds that it was not in the interest of the local people. On the contrary, it will adversely affect the fishing community as their means of livelihood will be snatched from them by taking over their land to construct anchorage for the vessels of the rich and the mighty.

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