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Between Maybes

While waving goodbye to the year 2020 that has almost taken a toll on every human life, fighting the deadliest enemy, that took away our smiles, peace, carriers and million lives. It was a long miserable year and now when we hope this year, we may be able to fix the things back to normal, we still must deal with many Maybes.

In between the dreadful situation of pandemic and multiple personal problems, many are shattered while collecting those small pieces of joy missing from day to day lives. But with the blessing to have this new year to us, we should recollect our own lives, start new, start fresh, though we keep being haunted with the many maybes. Some have their minds replaying the happy memories while some minds might be occupied with negative thoughts, the agony of death of someone close, financial crisis or some very personal unexplainable losses. when our minds start fighting the battle ‘between the Maybes’, to do or not to do, move or still make things work, forgive or not to forgive, we should take a chance for every single risk that may lead to a beautiful path of peace, love, healthy relations or a great success. We should learn to embrace uncertainty because it is said the most beautiful chapters in life won’t have a title until much later.

Between many doubts, we need to bury the burden of the past year, self-doubt and worries. May be past year sometimes made you laugh aloud and the very next moment you have found yourself in a pool of tears. But if we see it carefully, the past has always something to teach. you need to emerge stronger and learn better from the good and not so good times you had in the past year. Just pick up yourselves, put a happy face than a gloomy one if we have to go through it anyway. Because attitude is what defines our journey when we walk through the dumpiest of roads.

Promise yourselves whatever you dream and do, you will wholeheartedly try. You just need to begin with confidence and take it as it comes without fear and then between maybes you will start finding your path to your journey. Because it’s not just the destination that matter but the entire journey with good and bad times. This is the way you live, you learn, and you upgrade.

Suhasini Winget

Suhasini Winget is a blogger, writer, and journalist. She is also a registered nurse at GMC Maharashtra
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