Beware, Delhi Water is Full of Arsenic and Fluoride: Says Loksabha Secretariat Report


Water quality in Delhi is on alarming situation as per recent Lok Sabha secretariat reports east and northeast districts of Delhi are undergoing arsenic contamination of groundwater, furthermore other districts have recorded nitrate and fluoride pollution. These three pollutants have major health impacts. While arsenic is carcinogenic, high nitrate levels are known to cause methemoglobinemia, or “blue baby” disease. The report further indicates how much the city is overdrawing its groundwater. The overexploitation accounts for 27% – basis the latest study conducted on analysis of groundwater use between 2011 and 2013, for every 100 litres that get replenished, inhibits in the capital draw out 127 litres.


The Lok Sabha secretariat report also red-flagged the areas in the country where there is overexploitation of groundwater. These areas comprise of northwestern part of the country including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and western Uttar Pradesh, the western part of the country such as Rajasthan and Gujarat and areas in peninsular India such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu.


With the current situation triggering the alarm button, people need to understand that microbial and organic contaminants cannot always be perceived by human senses. And traditional methods like boiling water or distilled water are just not enough to get rid of contaminants like arsenic, nitrate and fluoride.


One needs to choose the right water purifier, by asking a water expert to suggest the right water-purification technology, depending on the kind of water that you get at your place. Unless the purifier is suited for the water, it will not be able to purify the contamination. There are technologies like RO + UV + UF which not only help in purifying water but also retain all the minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc etc.


Water both in terms of quality and quantity has become a serious concern. The poor quality of water is especially taking a toll on our health and lowering the immunity levels which is affecting our day to day living. Common ailments such as common cold, viral infections, influenza, pneumonia, malaria, dengue, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, typhoid and hepatitis or jaundice have become even more rampant. And we all know as a matter of fact that this happens mostly because of contaminated water.” said Mrs. Nisha Khanna, a resident of Paschim Vihar.


Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO Systems Ltd.

Commenting on this alarming stage of drinking water quality in the capital Dr. Mahesh Gupta, Chairman Kent RO Systems Ltd. said, “Today water purifiers have become a necessity of your kitchen, you cannot just rely upon even the government supplied water. If you wish to keep your health intact you have no other choice then to switch to a water purifier which is capable of removing dissolved arsenic and fluoride in the water. Our research team had identified these issues much before and Kent has been successful in coming out with water purifier with patented Mineral ROTM technology. It helps retain essential natural minerals in purified water using the TDS Controller, thereby providing 100% safe and tasty drinking water. Also, the double purification of RO + UV / UF removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts, making water 100% pure.”


But the use of RO’s has led to one more problem. While the drinking water is purified by conventional RO Water Purifier, less than 20% water is recovered as Pure Water. Reject water is essential to remove the soluble impurities from contaminated inlet water. Around 80% of inlet water flows out as reject water and is wasted in these conventional RO Water Purifiers. On the whole, conventional RO water purifiers require 40 litres of raw water to produce 10 litres of pure and drinkable water, so one can very well imagine how much water is being flushed away daily. 


Further commenting on the above problem of water wastage from RO Water Purifiers, Mr. Mahesh Gupta said, “Realizing this huge problem and technology lag countrywide, Kent RO systems Limited has come up with an innovative “SAVE WATER TECHNOLOGY”. This is undeniably is the biggest source to save wastage of drinking water at household level.


Unlike the conventional RO Water Purifiers, Kent Mineral RO Water Purifiers equipped with Save Water Technology™, have a recovery rate of more than 50% and the reject water percentage is reduced to less than 50%. This is achieved through various innovative and patented processes which involve advanced flushing as well as the use of most efficient RO membranes. The unique technology basically utilizes a computer-controlled process that recovers more than 50% water as purified water.”


We are happy that brands like KENT have come up with Save Water Technology. The rejected water is stored in a separate RO Reject Water Storage Tank that can be utilised for washing utensils, mopping the floor and other alternate usages, thus helps in saving water.” said Ankita Rai, the user of KENT RO.


RO Reject Water Storage Tank apart from being used in Save Water Technology™ RO Water Purifiers can also be used with new or existing Kent RO Water Purifiers. RO Reject Water Storage Tank can easily be mounted on the wall above the sink.” Further added Mr. Mahesh Gupta.


So one needs to take good care of themselves and their family members and adhere to some basic precautions especially with the water that they are consuming to keep their family safe from germs. No matter what steps Government is taking to provide clean water to its citizen’s one has to be cautious to purify water at home using a home water purifier. An extreme caution is to be taken with water you consume as it may be contaminated.


Along with purifying the water, one also needs to understand the importance of saving water too. Water shortage can lead to serious repercussions! Remember every drop counts.

Source: NV1


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