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Beware of Anarchists

Anarchy is the state of lawlessness and this is what anarchists want to create in Indian society. In future there must be existing advertisements in newspapers on which huge companies will spend a decent amount of money. You should not miss these advertisements that are Wanted Exclusive Protest Sales Managers. You may also apply for the post of Senior Protest Organiser in an NGO. For these posts you will be given a huge amount of money as salary. This may sound awkward to you, but this is the reality. This is the one of fastest growing industries in India and producing a huge number of negative thoughts. Today in India this industry of agitation has become expanded and is working in a planned way. The company has its own marketing strategies and very soon it is possible to start its studies in schools and colleges in India.

According to recent research, if 3.5 percent of the total population of a country plays an active role in a movement, then this movement is guaranteed to be successful. It means in a total population of 100 people if only 3 are protesting for a certain cause then these 3 people will become successful to impose their opinions on rest 97. Therefore, it is important to know how these protests and movements have now become a business model and its toolkit?

This term toolkit became very popular in recent days when Sweden activist Greta Thunberg accidentally shared it on her Twitter account. It is a document describing how to generate support on social media during a protest. This document is all about gathering a crowd of people by spreading fake information. This turns a small protest into an event through which these so-called anarchists and their NGOs earn crores of Rupees. In farmers’ protest it is the example of biggest protest management. Let us take an example, Tractors are the face of this protest and it is claimed that around 2 lakhs tractors are standing on Delhi borders. On average the price of a tractor is around 6 to 7 lakhs. Which means there are Rs 12 thousand crores worth tractors standing on Delhi borders. Irony here is that the people who have brought these tractors and basically protesting are being called poor farmers. This is the opinion spread by these NGOs among people. Many big PR agencies have also joined this protest which takes up to lakhs of rupees for an event. Many volunteers like Disha Ravi who had got arrested on Sunday are working in shifts in the name of crowd management. Engaging people who are specialized in collecting donations, money is pumped like water to create toolkit and PowerPoint presentations. With support of NGOs, waterproof tents, free feeding system, foot massager, washing machines are provided.

As a conclusion it is easily interpreted from above observations that who are real ‘’Aandolanjeevis’’ mentioned in the speech of our honourable Prime Minister. The agitators opposing farm bills and government in this protest have no knowledge of farm laws brought by the central government. At first there was an issue of farm laws, then suddenly banners were up for release.

Divya Kumari

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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