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Beware of spiked drinks in Goa, communal tension in Gujarat: Advisory to British Tourists

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued an advisory for British tourists cautioning them to beware of violence-prone inter-communal tension in in Gujarat and spiked drinks in Goa.

The advisory issued stated that British tourists, especially women travellers must respect the local customs and dresses, as well as avoid visiting remote and unlit beaches in the dark.

“There continues to be some inter communal tension in Gujarat which can lead to isolated incidents of violence,” the advisory states.

Commenting about Goa, one of the most favourite beach tourism destinations for tourists from Britain, the advisory states that “there have been a few serious incidents involving British nationals, most recently the murder of a young female traveller in March 2017”.

“You should observe and respect local dress and customs. Take particular care of your bags and purses and avoid unlit and remote beaches after dark. Keep your passport and other valuables safe,” the advisory states.

“Don’t leave your drinks unattended. There have been reports of drinks being spiked and travellers, including British nationals, subsequently being robbed or assaulted,” it adds.

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