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Bhumiputra Bill introduced with an eye on vote bank: Rohan Khaunte

Panaji: Porvorim MLA Rohan Khaunte on Saturday alleged that the Bhumiputra Bill passed by the State Legislative Assembly recently was introduced with an eye on the vote bank.

In a series of tweets, the former minister said,”The Electoral Puppetry show, stage-managed by the @CentralBJP
in the #GoaLegislativeAssembly motivated the controversial #BhumiputraBill with an eye on the migrant vote bank. This could be a veiled plan for bogus voting using the cover of BJP sponsored migrant Bhumiputras of Goa! @BJP4Goamakes it look as if they’re doing a big favour for Goans by proposing withdrawal of #BhumiputraBill if people don’t want it. Who asked #BJPGovt to bring forth such an #AntiGoanBill in the first place? It was seemingly clear that the @BJP4Goa

Government were all acting like puppets on a string played by @DrPramodPSawant with the main handler in Delhi determining the #GoaAssembly puppetry with the sole intention of Election-2022. #GoaGovt #Goa Replies by @BJP4Goa

during the #GoaAssembly exhibited a high level of reluctance to provide details.”

He alleged that when the opposition pressed for clarity on the government’s stand, the Ministers either tried to circumvent the matter or there was a direct intervention by the Chief Minister to provide some halfway answers in a futile attempt to save face.

”Dr Pramod Sawant and his Ministry literally bulldozed through the 3 days of business, which also exposed their fear of facing the Opposition on the floor and the Goan people watching it. The curtailment of the session to merely three days, spelt out the undemocratic intentions of the ruling @BJP4Goa. Government wherein the overall conduct of business in this session was hurriedly concluded in a manner which is unbecoming of the Legislature,” he said.

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