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Biden vows to fight encroachments on US voting rights

Washington: US President Joe Biden condemned during a speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the alleged attacks on the right to vote in the United States and promised that June will be a “month of action” to provide new legal tools against encroachments on that right.

“In 2020, we faced a tireless assault on the right to vote – restrictive laws, lawsuits, threats of intimidation, voter purges and more… I will have more to say about this at a later date to truly unprecedented assault on our democracy, an effort to replace nonpartisan election administrators, and to intimidate those charged with tallying and reporting the election results,” Biden said on Tuesday.

The US president said the House of Representatives is currently working on the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, which he described as being a critical measure in providing “new legal tools to combat the new assault on the right to vote.”

Biden also called on voting rights groups in the United States to redouble their efforts to register and educate voters to fight what were “un-American” voting right violations.

Biden noted that the fact Democrats have a small majority in the House of Representatives and a tie in the Senate was among the primary reasons whey the new measure to protect voting rights has not been made a law.
Biden’s call comes amid recent changes in the voting laws in Florida and Georgia introduced by Republicans. The supporters of the new laws claim that the new voting measures strengthen the voting process by prohibiting mass mailing of ballots and banning vote harvesting.

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