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Bill To Bar Locals From Casinos Introduced

As announced earlier, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar, on Friday introduced a bill seeking to ban entry of Goans in the casinos operating in the State by amending the Goa Public Bill 2011.
Besides seeking to permit only non-residents into these gambling dens, the bill also seeks to ban advertisements of casinos in any form in Goa by stating that no advertisements of casinos anywhere in the State in the print media, electronic media or by any other audio and visuals means shall be allowed.

The preamble of the bill observes that Goans even below the age of 21 are seen visiting these casinos which is destroying the social fabric of the state by ruining families and further points out that the advertisements of casinos lure locals and particularly the youth to them.
The object and reason for the bill states that the bill is sought to be introduced to prevent local youth from getting involved in gambling activities.

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