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Bitch Better Have My Money!

Pardon me for the use of the above headline. I did not mean to offend anyone.

‘Bitch Better Have My Money’ – is the title of a song sung by the US song artist Rihanna.

I am not an appreciator of Rihanna’s music or her on-stage performance. To me it more like a ‘Rehab’ act.

I sometimes feel the more money a pop Icon like Rihanna makes with album sales, the more poverty she experiences because she always seen to be running shorts of clothes on stage. It is as though she was flying ‘Towards the Sun’ and some of her clothes got burnt.

In fact, the recent Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Knickerwala’ comment is most applicable to some of Rihanna’s on-stage wardrobe.

But I am no one to judge Rihanna and her wardrobe. She has every right to attire herself in a manner that makes her feel comfortable. Her fans love her and that is all that should matter to her.

I am a big fan of India. And I consider myself to be a proud son of Bharat Mata. So when a US song artist like Rihanna, who sang ‘Disturbia’ actually displays the Disturbia in her head, when she tweeted on the so-called farmer protests in India, I felt disturbed. So I had to write my view otherwise I would be considered to be ‘Unfaithful’

In India most farmers who have understood the importance of the new farm laws, have been praising Narendra Modi, singing ‘You Da One’ because no political leader in recent times has shown the fortitude and determination to bring about reforms in the agriculture sector for the benefit of the farmers.

I wonder if Rihanna understands that this she is being played by some ‘Despardo’ in an attempt bring a ‘Man Down’ and his government. Unfortunately, she does not realize that in actually she is ‘Dancing the Dark’; while being made part of a ‘Russian Roulette’

By the end of all this drama and so-called farmer protests, Rihanna would have to come to India and ask the farmers ‘What’s My Name’ and she will realize that she is no Sheila and no farmer in India ‘Needed Me’.

So it is my honest advice to Rihanna, ‘Shut Up and Drive’ wherever you are, I am not being a ‘Rude Boy’, the people of India know ‘Where Have You Been’ and you better ‘Believe It’, this not a ‘Take A Bow’ moment.

My humble advice please keep singing ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ and ‘Pour It Up’ till the brim sometimes but don’t tweet ‘FourFiveSeconds’ after that because that’s not ‘Love On The Brain’ unless someone paid you ‘Diamonds’.

In that case you are forgiven we you state ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. I guess you need to buy an ‘Umbrella’.

Savio Rodrigues

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Goa Chronicle


Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief
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