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BJP admits audio tape has done damage, demands inquiry

GOA, Jan 2 (CurrentAffairs): BJP has admitted that  the audio clip related to Rafale deal has done the damage and has  demanded that thorough investigation into the brain behind such audio note.

BJP spokesman Nilesh Cabral told reporters that the party has asked CM Manohar Parrikar who is also Home Minister to initiate inquiry by proper authorities into it.

“Damage is something which we cannot ascertain. Damage is done by audio clip. That is why Central government is trying to being legislation on these things like whatsapp,” Cabral told reporters responding to a question whether the Audio clip has done damage to the party.

“We have freedom of speech but this is not freedom of speech. This is all manoeuvered and monitored. As the elections will come closer there will be much more things,” he said referring to the audio tape.

Cabral recalled that Rane  has given a letter to the CM demanding for inquiry.

“The CM must have already started the investigation,” he added.

“We as a BJP also demand the investigations into it. We want police to go deep into it. Tomorrow, somebody will come up with similar tape in my voice,” the minister said.

Cabral said that let curprits be booked. “CM has to go into details. The best of investigation should be done,” he added.

The minister, who was part of the cabinet which is being quoted in the tape, refused that there was any discussion on Rafale during the three hour long meeting.

“Rafale is not our subject. The question of we discussing does not arise,” he said.

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