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BJP alliances in Goa falling apart claims AAP

Claiming that noises by a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA that there was no governance in the state was an admission of restlessness setting in among them, Aam Adami Party (AAP) in Goa said that the people of the state had been taken for a ride by a ‘weak’ coalition which had an ‘unholy nexus’ with the opposition Congress.

In a statement, AAP Goa Convenor Elvis Gomes said,”It’s been many days that desperation had set in among MLAs after the Supreme Court verdict in the mining matter setting aside the renewal of 88 leases as a result of which they had led an unsuccessful all party delegation to the centre. Now they are saying ‘baba pav re’ calling upon central ministers to come to Goa to help. That shows that they have no mind of their own thus exposing their incompetence in running the Government.”

Demanding that they should quit, Mr Gomes once again questioned the silence of the MLA’s when it came to the recovery of the mining ‘loot’ allowed under the patronage of the BJP, Congress and partners since 2007 which had been quantified to be over Rs one lakh crore.

He said besides initiating recovery of the theft, the government should immediately draw the accumulated amount of Rs 150 crore from the District Mineral Fund (DMF) to help the mining affected people in the state.

In the context of Naveen Jindal’s statement that mining should be auctioned and the Goa Forward leader’s reaction that such outsiders should not be allowed to come in the state, AAP Goa Gen Secretary Pradeep Padgaonkar alleged that the likes of Adanis and Jindals were already operating in the state after they were welcomed in the past by the BJP and Congress Governments.

“How do you propose to remove them when you all have already given then entry? Padgaonkar asked.

He said priority should be to follow the Supreme Court order in letter and spirit.

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