BJP Apprises Chidambaram On Babush Affair

Crediting Goa Chronicle for the expose and drawing his attention to the story carried by several television news Channel, Mehta has drawn the Home Minister’s attention to the violation of the laws by a minister of a state of the Indian republic.

She pointed out that despite the fact that Indians are permitted to carry only 10,000 USD with them while travelling abroad, Babush Monserrate has confessed to having 25,000 USD with him, which is a total violation of the law and unacceptable from a minister.
Notwithstanding the conflicting claims of the actual amount found in his possession, she has pointed out that what has been established is the fact that the minister was carrying excess currency including USD and UAE Dirhams besides Indian currency.
She has stressed the fact that a minister was found guilty of some serious wrongdoing because of which he had to be asked to not only get off the flight he had boarded but was detained, which she pointed out is not in the normal scheme of things with ministers.
While expressing fears that the whole affair would be hushed up given the fact that the minister is a member of the ruling party both at the State and Union level, she however asserted that it was a matter of public importance.
Terming it as a “shameful, disgusting and anti-national act” by an elected member, Mehta strongly condemned the incident on behalf of the party and demanded immediate action against the minister.
She reminded the Home Minister that it is his responsibility to bring out the truth and also punish the culprit particularly since the entire nation is witness to the shame as it was telecast.
While reminding the Home Minister that stringent action was taken against the Pakistani sufi singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan recently after he was found in possession of excess foreign currency, less than what was found on the minister, she implied that law being the same for everyone, action is necessitated against Babush Monserrate.


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