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BJP blasts Mamata over leveling charges against NHRC

Hyderabad: Holding a highest democratic position, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is setting a bad example by leveling charges against the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), which is a statutory body to protect human rights in the country, Talangana BJP Senior leader NV Subhash, remarked here on on Friday.

In a statement, Subhash said it is very unfortunate that the NHRC submitted a report to the High Court stating that it has no faith in the Mamata Banerjee administration and recommended a CBI probe into the post poll violence in the state.

The Commission also observed that the situation in West Bengal was a “worrisome trend” and warned that it could spread to other states if it was not controlled at this stage and will become a death knell for democracy. After winning the elections, Mamata Banerjee is behaving like an autocratic leader, he said.

The BJP leader lashed out at the WB Chief Minister and asked why she was hesitating to control the post poll violence in the state and it clearly showed that it was going on at the instance of the government. He lamented that she has no respect to the institution of constitution.

“The state Governor has on many occasions expressed serious concern over the post poll violence and now NHRC has found fault with the government. It all shows Mamata Banerjee is behind the violence and instigating the TMC goons to attack ordinary people who did not vote for her party,” he added.

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