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BJP Christian Ministers & MLAs quiet on Sri Ram Sena plans for Goa

With the exception of Calangute MLA Micheal Lobo who expressed his displeasure on the comments made by the Sri Ram Sena during the on-going All India Hindu Nation convention; none of the other BJP Christian minister or MLA has voiced their concern on such a serious concern which might disturb the secular fabric of the state.

Organisations like Sri Rame Sena and other Hindu fundamental groups in the neighbouring state of Karnataka have been at the forefront of targeting minorities (in particular the Christians) on the pretext of conversion of Hindus or Westernisation of Hindu culture. Pramod Mutalik’s aspirations, according to many upset with the declarations of the Sri Ram Sena appear to encroaching on the same issues of concern such as conversions or westernisation.

Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar has categorically stated that any form of communal or religious extremism will not be tolerated in the state and no such organisations will be allowed to take law into their own hands, when reacting to the plans spelled out by Sri Ram Sena, chief Pramod Mutalik. Though, he has not commented or committed to whether organisation like the Sri Ram Sena will be banned entry into Goa.

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