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BJP demands CBI investigation into alleged Rajasthan phone tapping

New Delhi:The BJP on Saturday asked if the Congress government in Rajasthan used “unconstitutional” methods to tap phones of politicians and demanded a CBI probe into the episode.

Addressing a press conference here, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, ‘We are watching the political drama of Congress in Rajasthan. It is a cocktail of conspiracy, lies, fraud and how the law is misused.’

He said that the Rajasthan government was formed in 2018, Mr Ashok Gehlot became the Chief Minister and after that a cold war situation continued in the Congress party government.

He pointed out that yesterday (Friday), Mr Gehlot himself came out in front of the media and said that there has been no talks between him and Deputy Chief Minister since 18 months.

Dr Patra said that before forming the government in 2018, the two factions of Congress were fighting on the road. Later, the tussle reached the high command of the party and then the High Court.
But allegations are being levelled against the BJP, he added.

The BJP leader said said, “The leadership of the Congress is blaming the BJP but the sins are in within, the stains are in his house and the conspiracy is also being hatched inside the party.”

Dr Patra said that some so-called audio tapes have come out yesterday and these audio tapes of phone conversation by Mr Gehlot have been said to be authentic, which has led to some very serious questions and the Congress leadership and Mr Gehlot should answer them immediately.

He asked, ‘Was phone taping done? The Congress government in Rajasthan must answer. Second, is it not a sensitive and legal issue, if phone taping has been done?’

Third, Dr Patra asked, assuming that the state government tapped phones, was the SOP followed?
The people of Rajasthan want to know whether their privacy has been compromised, the BJP leader said.

He also asked, “Did the Congress government in Rajasthan use unconstitutional ways to save themselves when they found themselves cornered?’

The BJP leader also wanted to know whether phone of any person who is related to politics was being tapped.

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