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BJP Does a Manohar in Karnataka

As predicted by Goa Chronicle on 9th October, the BJP in Karnataka repeated what Manohar Parrikar did in Goa about eight years ago to ensure that its Chief Minister Yeddyurappa survives the confidence vote.
Speaker of Karnataka Legislative Assembly K G Bopaiah disqualified the rebel MLAs before the House met to discuss the confidence motion thereby reducing the effective strength of the House to give the BJP the required numbers to win the confidence motion.

It may be recalled that in Goa too, rebel MLAs were suspended by the then Deputy Speaker Vishwas Satardekar. However, the then Governor Jamir did not accept the Speaker’s report and dismissed the Manohar Parrikar government.
Whether the Karnataka Governor who has been accused of being sent by the Centre only to destablise the BJP government, will now follow Jamir’s footsteps is to be watched.

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