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BJP drive: 2.3 Lakh members till now

Keeping its eyes set on reaching 3,00,000 members through its drive, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) appears to be riding strongly on the anti-Congress wave with already have 2,30,000 members join the party, a total number being only 1,00,000 previously.

Confirming these development, Narinder Sawaikar, general secretary, BJP-Goa told that the party has been receiving a positive response from the people of Goa and many have the confidence in the BJP-led government to hold good on its promises made to the people. “Our five months in goverance have instilled confidence in the people that we will work towards a betterment of Goa,” he expressed.

Congress leaders have been leveling allegations that the BJP have been using government schemes such as ‘Laadli Laxmi’ to allure members to its party fold. Allegations which the BJP flatly deny.


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