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BJP ensures employment to one member of each household if it comes to power: Rajnath Singh

Thiruvananthapuram: The BJP will provide employment to at least one member from each household, if it comes to power in Kerala, Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Sunday.

Rajnath Singh who addressed public meetings and attended road shows at Puthupally and Iringalakkuda assembly constituencies, said “Anyone can go through the BJP’s election manifestos and see, we have done what we promised.”

“The state government here in Kerala has lost the trust of the youth. Kerala has higher unemployment rate then the national average,” he pointed out.

“Our PM says ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwaas’ But LDF and UDF engage only in appeasement politics,” he said.

“In 1951 we have said that we will repeal article 370 and we did that. If we promised the construction of Ram Mandir, it is being built,” he added.

“LDF has made many false promises to the people. I want to tell the LDF that they should bring an ‘Action Taken Report’ to show what work they have done and how far they have been able to fulfill their promises made during last assembly elections,” he said.

“Time of Congress and Left parties is now over. These parties do not understand the new aspirations of Kerala. Change is very much needed here,” he said.

Kerala has been an important part of the ancient culture and civilization of India, and it should contribute equally in the future of India, he added.

It is perplexing that how the Left parties and the Congress are engaged here in a ‘Vakpaayte’ (war of words) but 2000 kilometre away in West Bengal they are saying ‘Avar Premathilanu’, that they are in love, he said.

Alleging that the LDF and the UDF have been playing a friendly football match and the people of Kerala have been kicked around, he said the point is that no matter who wins the match, be it LDF or UDF but ultimately it is the people of the state who always end up on the losing side.

“The LDF and the UDF has been alternatively forming the government here and busy criticising each other, but, now people want an alternative. And, that alternative can only be BJP-led NDA.”

“In the last 7 years we have strengthened the presence of NDA and we have created an alternative,” he claimed.

“In spite of there being everything in Kerala there is lot missing here. It is because even after seven decades of independence, Kerala has not been able to come out of the clutches of LDF-UDF,” he said.

“I want to ask the leadership of LDF and UDF, why in spite of being the first state with 100 percent literacy, Kerala is facing backwardness ?,” he asked.

When the entire country is redefining the aspiration and development trajectory why is Kerala lagging behind in this exercise.

Kerala has an important place in India when it comes to art, culture and tourism. It is also a very significant state in terms of politics.

Even though in terms of area Kerala is considered as a small state but its political churning is heard and felt clearly in Delhi.

Criticising Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the Defence Minister said “He drowned Amethi and now have now come to Wayanad to do the same. He says he will make a dedicated ministry for fisherman. I am amazed how ignorant he is. In 2019 we have already created a department dedicated to the welfare of fishermen communities.”

“There is a young leader of the Congress who has recently visited Kerala. He was taking a dive along with a fisherman in Kollam. I want to say that his track record is not good. Wherever he goes he drowns himself and with him others too,” he quipped.

On Sabarimala issue, he said “We will bring a law to safeguard the tradition and practices of Sabarimala in Kerala.”

“Kerala has a glorious past. Because of the regressive ideology of UDF and LDF, Kerala has been left behind. But, now we wont let this happen,” he said.


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