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BJP govt silent on uncontrolled inflation: Priyanka

Lucknow: Congress General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Tuesday said that the people of Uttar Pradesh are fed up with the uncontrollable inflation in the season of festivals.

In a tweet, Vadra said, “Inflation has been wreaking havoc on the common people in the festive season in the entire UP. Prices of vegetables have shot up. Livelihoods and work have been at a standstill from before but the BJP government, which spends crores of rupees on false publicity, is silent on the people’s woes.”

Reacting to the PM’s virtual dialogue with the street vendors under the Swanidhi Yojana, the Congress leader said, “Today, the PM will talk to some street vendors of UP. The street vendors, small shopkeepers were badly affected during the entire lockdown. They found it difficult to run their homes, their livelihoods were lost. Today, the street vendors, shopkeepers and small traders do not need loans but a special assistance package.”

Notably, in addition to food items, the prices of vegetables and fruits have also shot up in recent times.

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