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BJP has pushed every Goan into a financial emergency: Digambar Kamat

Panjim: Leader of Opposition Digambar Kamat on Friday alleged that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government in Goa has crossed all limits with its insensitive approach towards the people and its faulty policies have pushed every Goan into financial emergency and the state into bankruptcy.

Addressing a press conference at South Goa District Congress Office, he said, ‘Unfortunately, the BJP is in the celebrations mode making wasteful expenditure of crores of rupees when the common man is facing hardships. The people of Goa will teach BJP a lesson for its politics of convenience and opportunism.’

‘I appeal to the people of Goa to support the Congress candidates in the Zilla Panchayat elections. I assure you that our candidates will continue to be the Voice of the people and will be committed to protect the Identity of Goa. I am confident that the Congress Party will comfortably win both the Zilla Panchayat elections,’ he said.

GPCC General Secretary Subhash Faldessai, District Vice President Advocate Yemane D’Souza and former Councillor Dorris Texeira were also present.

Reminding of Konkani saying “Rin Kadun Fest Naka”, Kamat said it was unfortunate the BJP Government was planning to spend crores of rupees on Goa Liberation Day function of 19th December 2020 by appointing an Event Management Agency to organize extravagant programmes.

‘We were categorically informed by the Chief Minister during the Organizing Committee Meeting held on 4th December 2020 that the said programme will be presented by the Goan Artist from Kala Academy under Department of Art and Culture. The decision to appoint Event Management Agency is betrayal of the members of the Organizing Committee. I demand that the Government must withdraw the tender immediately and give opportunity to Goan Artist to perform on the Goa Liberation Day,’ he said.

‘Congress Party will launch an agitation to demand Helping Hand to the People of Goa and protest against Wasteful Expenditure of the Government. The “Obsession for the Celebrations” of the BJP Government has resulted in putting huge financial burden on the beneficiaries of the Monthly Pension Social Welfare Schemes like DSSY, Widows, Senior Citizens, Persons with Disabilities, Seafarers, Griha Aadhar etc. who have not received the pensions for more than six months. I am shocked to hear about demise of a PWD Contractor two days back who suffered a heart attack. His family and friends revealed to me that the said hardworking contractor was under tremendous stress as the Government had failed to pay his bills for a long time. Will the BJP Government take moral responsibility for the death of the contractor,’ Mr Kamat questioned.

Alleging that BJP Government had consistently adopted the agenda of misleading and misguiding the people with manipulated facts and figures, he claimed that the government was borrowing almost Rs 200 crore per month raising the total debts to Rs 25000 crore.

‘It is important that the Government takes immediate steps to help the needy and announce an Economic Revival Package of Rs 100 crore for the marginalized sector. I once again demand that the Government must implement the “Goemche Daiz” scheme to help the traditional occupations of Goa. The Government must restart the House Building Allowance Scheme for the Government employees and also take steps to give justice to the striking Lifeguards of Goa. It is also important that the BJP Government puts a full stop on doing lip service on resumption of mining, Mhadei issue, coal and environmental issues and take actual steps to resolve the same immediately. I once again demand that the Chief Minister must convene a full fledged Assembly Session immediately and release White Papers on Financial Status of Goa, Covid Pandemic, Mhadei, Coal Handling, three Linear Projects causing destruction to environment,’ he said.

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