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BJP is no longer confident about victory: Mamata

Haroa, May 11 (GCCurrentAffairs) Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday said the BJP is no longer confident of victory.

Addressing a public meeting at Haroa, which falls under Basirhat Lok Sabha constituency in North 24 Parganas district, Ms Banerjee said, “One BJP leader says they will win 10 seats. Another one says 23 seats. Yesterday, the Home Minister said they will win 42 seats. They have lost their mind. They are going to lose in every State. They have lost their confidence. ”

“In Bengal, Congress, BJP and CPI (M) have become one. You have seen, the three parties worked together during the Panchayat polls. Only Trinamool can defeat Narendra Modi. No other party can do that,” she remarked.

The TMC supremo said, “The entire country has been forced into silence. Media does not dare to speak against him. All institutions and agencies have been captured by the BJP. They have failed to provide food, shelter, livelihood to people. ”

The chief minister said,”People of Basirhat did not incite riots. BSF allowed people from across the border to cross over and orchestrate riots and violence here.”

“He(Modi) took the decision of demonetisation based on a whim. More than 3 crore jobs were lost. Labourers lost their livelihood. More than 12,000 farmers committed suicide in BJP-ruled States,” she alleged.

Ms Banerjee said,”Jan Dhan was a big scam. Rafale was a big scam. No one knows the source of the money. All the money was looted by BJP. Prices of fuel have been increased. Prices of essential commodities have been hiked.”

“They have killed people in the name of gau-raksha in UP, Gujarat and Rajasthan. We do not indulge in politics of violence. We abhor them,” the TMC supremo commented.

The chief minister alleged,”Planning Commission was the brainchild of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Narendra Modi abolished the Planning Commission without consulting anyone. Isn’t this an insult to Netaji? He set up Niti Aayog which has neither vision nor philosophy.”

“He claims he gives funds to Bengal. Is he giving it from his own pockets? Centre takes revenues from the States and sends back a fraction of it. He has no shame! How dare he call people’s money his own? “she asked.

“When Cyclone Fani was about to hit Bengal, I stationed myself at the epicentre in Kharagpur. He was busy campaigning in Rajasthan. He says I did not take his calls. Does he not have my mobile number? Isn’t he snooping on me, tapping my phone?” Ms Banerjee asked.

“Why should I hold an administrative meeting with him during elections? He did not even call me, the Chief Minister, for a meeting. He bypassed the CM and spoke to the chief secretary of the State. In a federal structure, he cannot bypass the CM and talk to officials directly. How does have the audacity to do so? “the chief minister questioned.

“In the past, when floods ravaged Bengal, crops were destroyed, I met the Prime Minister 6-8 times, to ask for a rehabilitation package. I attended Niti Aayog meetings also. But not even a single penny was given by the Centre,” the TMC supremo alleged.

“We wanted to change the name of the State to Bangla. At any meeting or event, our State is called last because the name of State begins with W. But they did not even allow that. If there can be a Punjab in Pakistan as well as India, why can there be no Bangla in India just because there is a separate country named Bangladesh?”she asked.

“He has not signed the MoU for Deocha Pachami. They have been delaying it. They have not done anything for constructing Bhor Sagar port. BJP only neglects Bengal,” Ms Banerjee alleged.

“Trinamool is not involved in cow smuggling. The border is managed by the BSF. How do cows smuggled from UP and Rajasthan reach Bengal? Why are they not stopped in those States? What is the BSF doing? BSF, CRPF and CISF work under the Centre, ” she commented.

“We feel ashamed when we hear the kind of language the PM uses,”the TMC supremo said.

She said,”Outsiders are coming to Bengal with bags full of money. BSF must prevent smuggling instead of doing the bid of BJP. ”

“One minister of the BJP from Assam, who looted thousands of crores in Sarada scam, is saying he will manage the CRPF. Leaders from other States are coming here with boxes of money. They think they can get away. Not so easily. We are also vigilant,” the chief minister said.

Ms Banerjee alleged they changed the CP of Kolkata so that when money from Kolkata is channelised through Hawala, BJP leaders cannot be traced.

“I have instructed all officials to inspect my vehicles wherever I go. Modi babu does not allow anyone to photograph the cars or choppers he uses, because someone once photographed suspicious boxes being taken out of his car,” she commented.

“His initiation in politics was through riots. He presided over riots in Gujarat. Atal ji had asked him to follow ‘raj dharma,’” the chief minister said.

“He is changing the Constitution. He has destroyed the institutions. He is misusing all the agencies. Democracy is under threat, ” Ms Banerjee remarked.

“I am ready to give my life, but I will never allow politics of division. We will all live together in peace and harmony,” the TMC supremo said.

“They excluded the names of 22 lakh Hindu Bengalis and 20 lakh Muslims in the Assam NRC. We will not allow NRC in Bengal. In the name of Citizenship Amendment Bill, they want to declare everybody as foreigners,” she said.

The chief minister alleged, “They want to impose vegetarianism on all because Modi is vegetarian. They have done this in Air India.”

“Netaji had given the slogan ‘Jai Hind’. This is our slogan. Vande Mataram, Maa Mati Manush Zindabad and Joy Bangla are also our slogans. We will never use slogans of the BJP,” Ms Banerjee said.

“Basirhat has been declared a new health district and police district. Planning is in progress to make Basirhat and Sundarbans separate districts. You no longer have to go all the way to Barasat for administrative work,” she added.

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