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BJP Laments Short Assembly Session

While accusing the government of holding short assembly sessions due to fear of the opposition, Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar however said his team was well prepared to floor the government during the five-day winter session scheduled to commence on 31st January.
Speaking to media persons, he said total collapse of law and order with special emphasis on the moral degradation of the police with specific reference to their nexus with drug dealers would be tackled thread bare during the session.
He said the moral degradation of the police force was epitomized by the fact that the Home Minister has not yet resigned despite the various exposes of not only police selling drugs and framing people but also of his son’s direct links with drug dealers in Goa.

Coming down heavily on Deputy Superintendent of Police Chandrakant Salgaonkar’s inefficiency reflected in the fact that the Crime Branch has till date not solved a single case allotted to it, Parrikar sought to know on what basis the same Chandrakant Salgaonkar was recommended for the President’s medal.
In this connection, he said that they would press for the Lok Ayukta Bill which has been kept on the back burner.
Besides law and order, the opposition also proposes to grill the government on corruption, price rise, illegal mining and injustice meted out to the Scheduled Tribes of the State.
The escalating prices of onion that brought tears to the aam admi even though they could not afford to cut them, will be raised in the Assembly, he said to expose how the Civil Supplies Department totally failed to address this problem.
In all, he said the BJP MLAs had filed 800 questions which he conceded were not sufficient to expose all the sins of commission and omission of the government.


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