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BJP manipulating wards ahead of Panchayat Elections: Congress

The Congress Legislative Party (CLP) accused the Bharatiya Janata Party for manipulating the delimitation process. CLP member and Congress Dabolim MLA Mauvin Godinho said that the whole idea is to capture the grassroot-level organization in panchayat elections.

The CLP meeting was held at the chamber of the leader of opposition Pratapsingh Rane. St Cruz MLA Antanasio ‘Babush’ Monserrate and Cumbharjua MLA Pandurang Madkaikar were not present.

Godinho said that the whole delimitation process has been done at the last moment thereby curbing other people’s chance. “BDO’s keep blaming panchayat secretaries, secretaries blame BDO’s and BDO’s blame the panchayat director,” he said.

Godinho questioned, “Is this the way of conducting electoral process? If this is the way things are going to carry on then somewhere perhaps they (BJP) lack confidence of the people. Otherwise why would they (BJP) have to manipulate to gain confidence at the grassroot-level?”

Rane said that a lot of people are unhappy with the delimitation process. Panchayat wards have been drawn by “gerrymandering” and in a hurry. “We would like the state election commission to look into it and allow them to carry out the delimitations,” he said.

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