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BJP MLAs demand investigations into bogus ration cards

Accusing the Congress MLAs of indulging in bogus ration card rackets, Calangute MLA Michael Lobo and Thivim MLA Kiran Kandolkar urged the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to conduct investigations into the growing racket wherein the migrant population have started to produce ration cards of the state while continuing to possess ration cards from their state of origins.

Stating that this racket got its wings on account of the Congress MLAs who brought in the migrant populace into the state for their vote bank politics and also ensured that they got the necessary government documents such as ration cards, Michael Lobo expressed his displeasure on the growing migrant population in the state which is affecting the livelihood of the local Goans. While he welcomed the migrant population stating that as Indians we are free to reside in any part of the country. He elucidated the need for the government to ensure that these migrants cannot be having benefits of two states.

Voicing a similar tone, Kiran Kandolkar stated that in his constituencies over the years there has been an exponential rise of migrant population and with it the rise in bogus ration cards. He impressed upon the government to keep a checking mechanism so that in the migration of people into the state for better prospects the local Goan loses out on numerous benefits.

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