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BJP Releases ‘Tainted Government’ Booklet

Deputy Leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party in the Lok Sabha and in-charge of Goa for the ensuing Assembly elections, Gopinath Munde on Friday released a booklet titled ‘Tainted Government’ published by the BJP highlighting the sins of commission and omission of the Congress led government in the State.

The 16-page booklet summarizes the BJP MLAs discussions in the Assembly to expose the various failings of the government and the resultant sufferings of the common man.

The topics touched upon in the booklet are total collapse of law and order, police drug dealer nexus, failure to protect religious places, District Hospital at Mapusa, deplorable condition of Public Health Clinics, illegal mining, corruption, lack of infrastructure projects, maladministration, price rise, unemployment, neglect of social welfare and fiscal mismanagement.

Speaking to the party workers at the convention where the booklet was released, Mr. Munde directed party members to ensure that the booklet reaches each and every household in Goa so that people are made aware of how the Congress led government has dragged Goa down the drain.

“There is no Congress rule in Goa, but it is mafia rule,” he said adding that delivery of the booklet would be first major activity for the party workers to start their campaign to wrest power in Goa at the next elections.

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