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BJP Rift Times: In Delhi Advani-Modi, In Goa Parrikar – Naik

While national media talks about a rift growing between the two BJP Prime Ministerial candidates-in-waiting, LK Advani and Narinder Modi, Goa BJP unit is not far behind in following in the footsteps of its national party, here the rift is between the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar and North Goa Member of Parliament Shripad Naik.

Sources close to the lone BJP MP from Goa Shripad Naik have told that it is disappointing that on an occasion like the BJP National Executive meet a senior member of the party has been treated like a pariah of the party. You do not see his poster on any of the cut-outs adorning the streets leading to the capital city Panjim. Neither is his photograph on any of the advertisements released by the party.

Yet another MLA close to Naik camp stated, “Naik was instrumental in building BJP at a grass-root level in Goa. There is no denial of the contribution of the CM, but to treat Naik in such a manner on a regular basis does not augur well for the growth of the party in the days to come. The chinks in the armor are already being seen. And many leaders from the political community of Naik feel that Parrikar and his coterie of supporters are trying to make their community of the ‘Bahujan Samaj’ look small in political matters.

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