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BJP Termed Innocent Found Guilty of Murder

Drug peddler and associate of Israeli drug dealer David Driham alias Dudu, Tukaram Savlo Salgaonkar has been brought down to Goa under transfer warrant by the Goa Police for his reported involvement in the murder of Samprit Malvankar who was shot in a bar recently.

It may be recalled that Samprit Malvankar an accused in a murder case who was out on bail was shot at close range at a bar in Anjuna last month. Tukaram has reportedly confessed to planning the murder of Samprit to avenge the murder of his brother by Samprit and his father.
Apparently the murder was planned in Arthur Jail, Mumbai where Tukaram was lodged after he was arrested for carrying narcotics to Mumbai for an Israeli gang. It was while in jail that he befriended Harish Mandvikar an accused in a murder case and through Harish, Tukaram contacted the sharp shooter to eliminate Samprit.

However, what is significant is that BJP MLA Dayanand Mandrekar has sought to give a clean chit to Tukaram on the floor of the house by referring to him as an innocent person who was languishing the Arthur jail and had urged the government to intervene and get the youngster back to Goa.

Tukaram is now back in Goa, but not as an innocent but as a person accused of a far greater crime of murder.

Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar however tried to make light of his party colleague’s faux pas in giving a character certificate to a person with criminal tendencies.

While pointing out the Dayanand Mandrekar had spoken about Tukaram nearly a year and half ago, Manohar Parrikar said that his fellow MLA was trying to draw the government’s attention to how innocent youngsters were getting dragged into the drug scenario.

“What is particularly worrying about this incident is that contract killing is making its way in Goa and we should be concerned about it,” he said.

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