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BJP To Focus On Booths

The Bharatiya Janata Party that prides itself of being a cadre based party, has set the task for its members for the ensuing assembly elections in Goa by asking them to concentrate on the booths. “Work to win at each booth and the candidate will automatically,” was the mantra given to them.
The workers convention held at Panjim on Friday had various speakers setting targets and the work schedule for the members and it was decided to follow the Gujarat pattern of party functioning, which was agreed to be the reason for the party’s solid performance in the State at the polls.
Party State General Secretary Govind Parvatkar informed the gathering that one person has been given charge of each panchayat and urged the Mandal Committees to constitute panchayat level and booth level committees to prepare for the elections.

He suggested that the panchayat committees should meet at least once a fortnight to discuss various issues of the village and accordingly chalk out programmes aimed at promoting the party while at the same time exposing the failures of the government.
Besides, he said the booth committees should start the work of sanitizing the electoral rolls and suggested that this task could be undertaken while distributing the ‘Tainted Government’ booklet to each and every household.
The State’s Mahila Morcha chief Kunda Chodankar in a spirited address urged the women to take a stand against the “dependent” culture that is being promoted through parcels and packets distributed at the time of festivals particularly.
“Today sugar, jiggery, oil and other items are being sent to households at the time of festivals,” she said pointing out that such parcels, as per Indian tradition, is sent to households in mourning and wondered whether the ruling dispensation considers all the households are in mourning.
Party General Secretary Narendra Sawaikar expressed happiness over the enthusiasm amongst party workers which is reflected in nearly cent per cent attendance at all party meetings. “The workers enthusiasm now needs to be channelized to convert the people’s disenchantment into votes for the BJP,” he said.

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