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BJP To Seek Ban On Locals In Casinos

The Bharatiya Janata Party will move a bill during the budget session seeking to ban Goans from entering the Casinos operating in the State as is done in Nepal, announced Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar.
Briefing media persons on the party’s strategy for the budget session, he said they will move for amending the existing Anti-Gambling act to enable only tourists to visit the Casinos on Goa and pointed out that while tourists return to their home state after “tasting the casino experience” locals get habituated to this culture.

Manohar said that proof or residence by way of licenses or passports or PAN card, could be made mandatory for entry to the six off shore and around dozen on land casinos operating in Goa.
He also said that his party will seek a ban on casino advertisements. “If liquor advertisements can be banned, why not advertisements of casinos?” he asked.
The government will also be questioned on its failure to keep the promise to shift the floating casinos away from the Mandovi river, he said.
Besides, the opposition also plans to take the government to task over various others issues like illegal mining, law and order break down, accumulating garbage, corruption, etc.

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