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BJP to target MBCs in UP for Lok Sabha polls

Lucknow, Jan 19 (GCCurrentAffairs) With an aim to take on the Samajwadi Party and BSP alliance in Uttar Pradesh, the Bharatiya Janata Party has chalked a out a strategy that will revolve around most backward caste (MBCs), which are in sizeable number in almost all the parliamentary constituencies.

“We have our strategy ready to match SP-BSP alliance. The BJP is working on it for the last many months. This strategy revolves around MBCs. This is expected that there are 2-3 lakh MBC voters in almost all the constituencies. They could be the key to BJP’s success in Uttar Pradesh,” a senior leader told this reporter here on Saturday.

He said,” what is positive for BJP in this Lok Sabha election is that there is no wave in anyone’s favour – as to say. The anti-incumbency could be there against BJP Government but it is not that sharp that people have made up their mind in favour of one party or an alliance which can replace Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“If you analyse SP-BSP alliance one thing is common in this is Muslim vote bank. The BSP’s support base is dalit and Muslim while Samajwadi Party is getting its power from Yadav (backward) and Muslim combination. This could be winning combination only if upper caste throws its weight behind SP-BSP alliance,” the leader said.

“Everyone has ignored the MBC factor. We are working with this section of the society. The support of MBC will catapult the party to power once again,” he said.

The senior leader said the party has set a target to get 51 per cent votes this time. Party workers have been asked to strengthen the booths and ensure people come out and vote in favour of BJP.

Even the opposition law makers agree that there is no perceptible wave in anyone’s favour at this point of time. “The BJP is in power. We need to watch every step the BJP leadership particularly Narendra Modi takes in view of SP-BSP alliance. He will definitely try to weaken this alliance,” he said.

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