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BJP twice more corrupt than Congress: Deshprabhu

Having accessed the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report which was leaked on at time of the refusal of the previous Congress government to table the report, Deshprabhu alleges while insinuating that the Chief Minister of the BJP-led government appears to be colluding with certain politicians, officials and mining companies to continue with illegal mining that he alleged was rampant in the Congress regime.

“BJP government is twice more corrupt than Congress as it can be seen in its flip-flop on the mining issue. In the PAC Report there is illegal mining, and, now the CM says there is no illegal mining,” asserted Deshprabhu.

Stating that Manohar Parrikar has categorically mentioned in the leaked PAC Report that illegal mining is rampant in Goa and is causing extensive loss in revenue to the government and even the environment.

‘Irregular Mining is nothing but Illegal Mining’, is what Parrikar has said in his report. Therefore, it is strange now that the same Parrikar when coming into power chose to collude with same officials, politicians and mining companies to continue with the illegal mining in the state, expressed Deshprabhu.

He further asserted that Parrikar is fooling the people of Goa and also trying to take upon himself a role over above the Union Ministry of Mines by talking about a Mining Policy and about handling of iron-ore dumps, since ‘Mining’ is a subject of the Union Government and the State government is mere an enforcer of the laws and guidelines issued by the Centre. A ‘Mining Policy’ is a gimmick and cannot be legally administered by the state, since there is a Central Mining Policy.

Deshprabhu further alleges that new mining leases are not being issued, (him being one the applicant) because the current government is keen to get under-the-table money to provide these mining leases, even though the Central government has asked the Directorate of Mines and Geology to either grant permission or dispose off such applications.



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